About us

Introducing the flavourful journey of two brothers, carrying forward the legacy of their father’s renowned Punjabi restaurant in the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Join us as we delve into a tale of tradition, taste, and the bonds that bind us together through the aromatic delights of Punjab.

With a commitment to authenticity and innovation, these brothers blend tradition with modernity, creating a dining experience that tantalizes the senses and celebrates the timeless essence of Punjabi cuisine. Join us as we invite you to savour the legacy, one mouth-watering dish at a time.

In the bustling streets of Ahmedabad, amidst the bustling cityscape, lies a culinary gem that epitomizes the essence of family, flavour, and finesse. With each dish meticulously crafted to perfection, these brothers honour their culinary heritage while infusing their own passion and creativity into every bite. Step into their world where every meal tells a story, and every taste evokes nostalgia, as they continue their father’s legacy with pride and passion.

Our Story

Mehfil Restaurant

Mehfil – A North Indian Cuisine restaurant, was conceptualized to celebrate the culinary legacy of the Punjabi refugees who migrated to Ahmedabad at the time of partition in 1947. Full credit to Mehfil’s sole-founder and creator Mr. Jaspal Singh Bhatia for his vision of blending old world flavours and recipes which reminiscent the bygone era with best in class dining experience where guests from different backgrounds and with distinct interests can come together be it, families, corporate, travellers or ex-pats, looking for an affordable way to dine on exceptional Punjabi food.

The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star.

5 things we are proud and confident of delivering:

  1. Original and Robust Flavours with the Best Quality Ingredients.
  2. A Signature Aroma of Indian and Contemporary Notes.
  3. Contemporary Interior in A timeless setting
  4. Soulful Gurbani sung by old classic Artists
  5. Smile
We provide valuable experiences that you will never forget with your friends or partner. Delicious food and refreshing drinks will make you feel more happy and satisfied


  • We contribute regularly to NGOs which are working towards eradicating hunger and we have set aside a certain percentage of our revenue towards this cause, permanently.
  • We believe in the principles of honesty, integrity and loyalty towards our customers and employees
  • We sponsor the school education of the children of junior staffers.
  • We also believe in the principle of empathy towards our employees.
  • We are committed to celebrating the diversity of our staff members and respecting each staff member as we work together to achieve excellence in our business.